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Removing Paint from Hardwood Floors

You were tired of your old, boring walls, and you’ve just jazzed them up with a fresh new paint job. You’re restoring an old house with beautiful hardwood floors. You were careful. You put a drop cloth down, but you…
Change Application

For every company and organization seeking to improve their business standards, making use of a change processing application can be one of the best investments a company can make. In addition to providing a great deal of time saving features,…
Why You Should Buy Unfinished Furniture

Many people find the term “unfinished furniture” a little scary, which is understandable since the term itself is quite vague. Unfinished furniture could mean that you just get a bunch of boards, or it could mean that you get a…
Becoming a Construction Manager

Construction managers supervise, control, and coordinate the construction of buildings, and civil engineering and engineering projects on-site. Their job is to ensure that projects are constructed efficiently and on time, within quality and cost limits. They may be referred to…
The Structure of Online Courses

To provide prospective online students with insight about how online courses are structured in terms of attending sessions and the length of the course. The Structure of Online Courses Before you enroll in online courses, make sure that your time…
Watch Masters Golf Live Stream from Canada

The Masters Golf tournament is held in the USA but also anticipated in Canada. Because golf is a popular game in Canada and most importantly, few Canadian golfers also participate in this prestigious tournament. So if you’re residing in Canada,…
Us Open Golf Live Stream

Us Open Golf Live Stream: How to Watch from the USA

April 17, 2021

The 121st edition of the United States Open Golf Championship is set to take place at Torrey Pines. It will start streaming on the 17th of June, 2021. You can experience the thrilling US Open Golf Live Stream from the USA on different media.

In this article, we'll cover the information about the official broadcaster of the event this year. You can watch your favorite game on these channels anywhere from the USA.

Official Broadcaster for 2021 US Open Golf Live Stream in the USA

Official Broadcaster for 2021 US Open Golf Live Stream in the USA


NBC holds the official broadcasting rights for the US Open golf tournament this year. They also streamed the previous edition of the championship and will continue to do so till 2026.

If you're a regular viewer of the championship, you would know that Fox had signed the rights from 2015-2026. But due to the pandemic last year, the event was postponed. Later it took place in September 2020. Due to other sports events that season, Fox had to give up the contract to NBC.

Therefore, NBC holds the right to broadcast US Open golf from 2020 to 2026. Therefore, if you're living in the USA, you can watch the event on NBC golf. From June 17th to 20th, you'll get all the updates on the channel. In our opinion, the NBC golf channel is the best way to watch the whole tournament.

The subscription plan for NBC sports starts at $34.99 annually. It's pretty affordable compared to other channels. You should go to their official website and compare different options. Definitely, you will find something that fills your need.


Besides the NBC golf channel, you also can watch the US Open golf live this year on Peacock. NBCUniversal recently launched Peacock, a streaming service. You can enjoy all your NBC favorite shows, movies, and sports on this platform. Besides, you'll have some exclusive shows on Peacock that you won't find anywhere else.

You can access the Peacock service via various devices, including TV, iOs, Android, etc. The subscription of Peacock starts at $5 per month with ads. If you want an ad-free experience, you will have to pay $10 per month. Both options seem reasonable, considering how much content you will get.

Can I Watch NBC Sports Without Subscription?

Can I Watch NBC Sports Without Subscription

If you don't want to subscribe to their official channel, you may have a subscription to other TV apps. In that case, you don't need to subscribe to NBC sports separately. You can watch the event using your existing TV subscription.

However, keep in mind, not every television subscription has NBC's golf channel on the list. Therefore, you would want to check the list ASAP. So, you don't face any problems after the tournament starts. Some of the popular tv apps that have NBC sports are Hulu tv, sling tv, Fubo tv, etc.

Can I Watch US Open Golf Using a Smartphone App in the USA?

Can I Watch US Open Golf Using a Smartphone App in the USA

Yes, you can enjoy the event with NBC's official mobile app. It's not possible for everyone to stay home all the time. Besides, as golf fans, we also don't want to miss this legendary championship. And the good news is, you don't have to miss it.

You can watch your favorite golfer hit that ball from anywhere. All you need to do is, install the golf channel app on your phone, select a subscription plan, and you're good to go. NBC offers an amazing sports viewing experience across all devices.

Final Words

The US Open golf live stream will be an excellent experience with NBC sports, we believe. Golf fans across the USA wait an entire year for this event to start. With NBC's official golf channel, you can cheer your favorite player from anywhere. You can access the channel via any streaming device.

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics: The Early ’60s: Continuity, Thor, Spider-Man and Iron Man Move Marvel Ahead

April 7, 2021

Marvel Comics, the home of such legendary characters as Spider-Man, Captain America and the X-Men, has a long and storied past.

With the creation of the Fantastic Four in 1961 and the Incredible Hulk in 1962, Marvel Comics was fast on its way to creating an entirely new style of comic book



One of the things that quickly set Marvel Comics apart from all others was their adherence to continuity. Their characters lived in the same world and interacted with each other regularly.

The Sub-Mariner was revived for Fantastic Four #4 where he battled the new Human Torch (as he had the original in the first comic book crossover). Stan Lee and Jack Kirby kept the establishment of a shared continuity going when in issue #12 the Fantastic Four were called in by the US military to deal with the newly created Hulk.

Such tight continuity drew older and more mature fans to Marvel’s titles.

The Thunder God Arrives

Under the distribution agreement that Marvel’s publisher Martin Goodman held with DC Comics, Marvel could only publish eight titles a month. Most of those titles were still monster books and the monster genre had outlived its popularity. Lee decided to change the books into new Superhero books. His first choice was Journey into Mystery.

Lee wanted the new hero to be bigger and grander than anything before. He decided that the only thing that could beat his superheroes would be a “super-god”. Not wanting to offend anyone’s religious convictions he went to the well of mythology. Reasoning that Greek and Roman myths had been pretty well plundered he decided to dive into a grand mythos that was entirely untapped, the Norse myths, and Thor was born.

Thor was created to be the greatest of all Marvel’s characters, but the intention didn’t meet the attention given him. Lee was busy working on other ideas so he passed the writing chores onto his brother Larry Lieber. It wouldn’t be until a couple of years later, when Lee and Kirby together took on the thunder god, that Thor would realize his full potential.


There Goes the Spider-Man

The same month that Marvel Comics introduced Thor, they introduced a character that was his virtual opposite—Spider-Man. Lee had long wanted to do a comic book where the hero was a teenager. He’d gotten a taste of it with the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch, but since he’d started in comics the idea that a super-powerful teen could do just as much as an adult counterpart had been dear to him. Spider-Man was the embodiment of that idea, go to this web-site.

It almost didn’t see print. According to Lee’s book “Origins of Marvel Comics”, when he brought his idea to Goodman he was told “…people don’t like spiders…Spider-Man would merit somewhat less than the reading public’s whole hearted, enthusiastic approval.” Luckily for Marvel and comics fans everywhere another of the monster books, Amazing Adult Fantasy, was set to be canceled with issue # 15.

Lee decided to do a throwaway story about Spider-Man so that he could finally do the idea and get it out of his system. He teamed with the book’s regular artist Steve Ditko to create a teen superhero who was a ball of insecurity and teen angst. The story was a runaway hit, and Spider-Man quickly became the hottest property in Marvel’s growing stable of superheroes.

Ant-Man Gives it the Old College Try

Not every Marvel Superhero hit pay-dirt. One great example is Ant-Man, the scientist who learned to shrink himself and command ants. The hero never caught on with fans, even after he was given an attractive female partner to liven him up, and his series Tales to Astonish failed to garner impressive numbers.

I Am Iron Man

Lee’s next character, however, was another success. A millionaire industrialist who dons a suit of super armor to keep his damaged heart beating and help him escape from communist Vietnam, Iron Man was a hit. He seemed to embody the spirit of hopefulness that America itself was feeling at the beginning of the sixties.

If the Hulk was a cautionary tale of the dangers of the atomic age, then Iron Man was a reinforcement of the belief that American technology and industrial know how would always keep us strong. Yet within his suit Tony Stark was still the most fragile and human of all of Marvel’s characters.

Removing Paint from Hardwood Floors

Removing Paint from Hardwood Floors

April 3, 2021

You were tired of your old, boring walls, and you've just jazzed them up with a fresh new paint job. You're restoring an old house with beautiful hardwood floors. You were careful. You put a drop cloth down, but you still dripped paint on that fabulous hardwood floor. Now what? A lot of people think removing paint from a hardwood floor is difficult, but it's really not. There are several ways to remove paint from hardwood floors, regardless of how long the paint has been there.

Usually I would put a "what you will need" section here listing all of the supplies you will need to complete the project. This won't work here. What you will need depends on which method you choose to remove the paint. You will need anything from cotton balls to a heat gun, so let's talk about the various methods you can choose from.

For paint drips that are fresh, I have two preferred methods of cleaning it up:

Hardwood Floors

1. Wash it off! The second you notice the paint has dripped, before it dries, wipe it up. This one is common sense. First, wipe up the excess paint, then use a mild cleanser to clean off what's left over. Do it fast, though! You don't want to give the paint a chance to dry. Run and grab a cloth and cleanser before you wipe up the paint. If you wipe it up then wander off and prepare your cleanser, it will be much easier for the thin layer of paint you've left to dry before you get back.

2. Rubbing Alcohol. When I first went looking for ways to get paint off my hardwood floor, I stumbled upon this little tidbit. I never thought it would work, and I'm sure you're sitting there thinking I'm a quack, but I'm not and it does! Get yourself a cotton ball and a bottle of rubbing alcohol and rub away. The paint comes right off. This also works with acetone nail polish remover, but have a damp cloth nearby to wipe up the smears, find more about this.

When the paint is dried and has been there for a while there's really only one decent way to get rid of those unsightly drips:

What you will need:


A bit of fine grain sand paper

Rubbing alcohol

Cotton balls


Dish soap

1. Use that fine grit and strong back. When the paint has dried on, I do not condone the use of putty knives and the like for scraping the paint off. It's too easy to damage your wonderful floor, which is much more difficult to fix. Instead, this out the paint drips with sandpaper. Sand by hand rather than use a palm sander because you will have much more control over your sanding. Remember, you want to thin the paint, but not sand off the finish on your floor.

2. Rub it out. Once the paint is thinned, pour a little dribble of rubbing alcohol on it. Use your cotton ball or cotton pad to rub the rest of the paint off the floor. It should come right up because you've taken a lot of the paint off already.

3. Wash it. Finish up by using your cloth and mild cleanser to wash away whatever is left. That wasn't really hard, now was it?

Change Application

Change Application

April 2, 2021

For every company and organization seeking to improve their business standards, making use of a change processing application can be one of the best investments a company can make. In addition to providing a great deal of time saving features, this system is easy to use. By implementing a four step process, employees can avoid the run around or unnecessary meetings.

The first phase used in CME's change processing application is the Initiation phase. This step involves that an employee or manager fill out a form to complete a change request. This is the phase where basic information on the change is established, as well as potential dates for completion as well as any other important information regarding the change. When the initiator sets a Group, members of that Group will be notified that a change request has been made. This is when phase two begins and the approval stage is started. Approval is a process where members of the group will have an opportunity to discuss the needed change and the effects it will have on the company. If the members are in agreement that the change is required, it is approved and moved to the implementation phase where the members of the group will go about making sure the change is fully made. When the implementation phase is over, the change is processed to the confirmation stage. This is the stage that determines whether or not the project has been full completed.

change processing application

In order to be able to run this change processing application, you will need two primary things. These are the database and web server that will run the software. While a browser is required on all systems that intend on using this system, most of them will full function. To be able to setup the servers properly, you will need to be running either Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 or 2003, Red Hat Linux 7.x, 8.0 or 9.0 or Solaris Unix 2.x, 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0. With this any choices, you should be able to find the operating system that best suits your company's or organization's needs. In addition to having the servers required to run the application, you should consider licensing fees as well. CME has four basic licensing types that are designed to fit with the needs of companies of any size. For smaller companies, they offer individual based licenses. For mid sized companies, CME offers a license that is dependent on the number of people logged in at a time. For large companies, they offer a site license that allows all members to access the software at any given time. Of course, companies may choose between any of the offered licensing types. If you are interested in learning more, or if you wish to schedule a demonstration, please follow the link.

Why You Should Buy Unfinished Furniture

Why You Should Buy Unfinished Furniture

March 27, 2021

Many people find the term "unfinished furniture" a little scary, which is understandable since the term itself is quite vague. Unfinished furniture could mean that you just get a bunch of boards, or it could mean that you get a complete piece of furniture that just needs staining or a paint job. Fortunately, unfinished furniture is furniture that is all built and just needs to be painted or stained and put together. Buying unfinished furniture is a great way to save a lot of money on furniture while still getting a really high quality piece of furniture that you will be proud to own.

Buying unfinished furniture has many benefits. First, it is constructed using real wood boards unlike much of the low cost furniture that you find at many stores in the same price range. Many of the less expensive pieces of furniture that you find in furniture stores or department stores is actually constructed with lower grade wood or even particle board which has just been covered with a wood veneer.


Even if the lower cost furniture is made with real wood, problems such as knots, crack or blemishes in the wood are often hidden with paint or stain. By buying unfinished furniture and finishing it yourself you can usually get higher quality real wood for close to the same price as some of the lower quality finished furniture, check more details here.

Speaking of price, that is the second advantage to buying unfinished furniture. Because the manufacturers don't have the added cost of finishing the furniture they are able to pass that savings along to you and you can get a really great piece of furniture at a bargain basement price.

Even without the higher quality and cost savings many people would choose to buy unfinished furniture simply because they like to get their hands dirty and get involved with a project. If you are a do-it-yourself type person you may find that you get great satisfaction out of taking a plain old unfinished chair or table and turning it into something beautiful with the addition of stain or paint.

Because unfinished furniture is a blank canvas when it arrives at your door you can decorate it however you see fit to match perfectly with your own decor. You can finish wood furniture traditionally using stains to bring out the grain of the wood, or you can get creative and use paint to add unusual, unique or artistic designs. Or, you could even go all out and mosaic a piece of unfinished furniture using tile or glass pieces and grout. Use your imagination and have fun with your project!

piece of furniture

Even if you don't have great DIY skills, paints and stains are typically very easy to apply and pretty much mistake proof, so with a little practice on a sample board in advance you should be able to finish your own piece of unfinished furniture without any problems. If in doubt, look up information on the internet on how to stain or paint wood or attend a class at your local home improvement store to get the instruction that you need.

Just about any type or style of furniture can be purchased unfinished including beds, tables, end tables, night stands, dressers, chairs, cabinets, chests, mirrors, outdoor furniture, entertainment centers, bookcases, cupboards and practically anything else you can imagine. Many pieces of unfinished furniture also come with beautiful ornate metal accents or other unique decorative characteristics.

All you need to do is order the furniture, paint or stain it, seal it with the proper sealers and you will have a high quality, totally unique piece of furniture that can last for generations to come.

Certified Management Accountants

Certified Management Accountants (CMA): Different from CPAs, but How?

March 10, 2021

When most people think of accountants, they think of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). There is also another group of financial accountants who have a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation. While a CPA handles public financial reporting for a company, a CMA handles the internal reporting. These internal reports allow management to make informed business decisions regarding the company's future. CPAs work in the realm of public accounting, which covers the audit and preparation of financial statements check my reference. Their main concern is the public reporting of financial information for external users. This usually includes stockholders, potential investors, employees or potential employees, and creditors. It is the CPA's duty to ensure that the information presented is objective and accurate so that the public gets the true picture of the company's financial health.

Certified Management Accountants: Becoming accredited

Certified Management Accountants Becoming accredited

The CMA designation is given out by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). In order to obtain a CMA designation, an applicant must have one of three educational qualifications: A bachelor's degree from an accredited university, a qualifying score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE), or a professional designation such as a CPA or CMA in another country. Applicants must also pass an exam and demonstrate that they have had two years of work experience in either financial management or management accounting.

Certified Management Accountants: Job duties

Unlike CPAs, Certified Management Accountants are concerned with internal reporting. Managerial accounting is less focused on historical reporting and more concerned with predicting future costs and trends. Some examples of managerial accounting's uses are budgets, project cost estimates, and sales projections. CMAs must still review historical data to calculate their estimates. Some CMAs may be involved in both the production of historical financial reports and future estimates. Very few of the reports produced by a CMA are ever viewed by people outside of the company.


Certified Management Accountants: Future projections

With today's uncertain economy, the services of a Certified Management Accountant are even more valuable to a company. In order to remain profitable, companies must be able to accurately project future market trends and their own costs. Companies that pursue growth through acquisitions or mergers must use managerial accounting to determine if a proposed transaction will be worth the investment.

Certified Management Accountants: Ethics and audits

The recent Enron scandal and resulting Sarbanes-Oxley legislation has created many more job opportunities for Certified Managerial Accountants. This legislation requires a significant amount of internal reporting and communication with independent third party auditors. These Sarbanes-Oxley audits are usually handled by an accountant at the manager level, preferably a qualified CMA. Human resources and ethical issues can also fall under a CMA's supervision since these may have far-reaching financial consequences for the company if handled improperly.

Becoming a Construction Manager

Becoming a Construction Manager

March 5, 2021

Construction managers supervise, control, and coordinate the construction of buildings, and civil engineering and engineering projects on-site. Their job is to ensure that projects are constructed efficiently and on time, within quality and cost limits. They may be referred to as site managers, and act as the link between the project planners, working from head office, and those concerned with the practical details of the project on site.

The job:

Construction Manager

The construction manager begins work at the tender and site preparation stages, liaising with the estimator, either, planner, and other professionals concerned. It is important that the planner and construction manager agree on the scheduling of operations, since it is the construction manager who will put the ponderous program into operation.

At the site preparation stage, the manager visits the site to check on access, any environmental factors, and car parking, and it may have to arrange connection of such services as electricity and telephones.

The duties of construction managers will include deciding on the on-site offices needed and recruiting local staff or subcontractors as necessary, ordering materials and plant machinery at appropriate times, and checking drawings for errors and omissions that could cause problems. They also have to liaise with different trades' people or subcontractors to produce an efficient sequence of work.

They will also have to solve problems as they arise, consult with architects and engineers, and keep records of labor, materials, and plant used. They will also have to negotiate extra payments incurred due to bad weather or unexpected problems and the generally liaise with relevant departments at head office.

On a large site, the senior construction manager may have one or more assistance for sections of the work. On a smaller site, the construction manager will be more involved with the labor force and the checking of deliveries and completed work.

Construction managers need an awareness of health and safety regulations on site, such as the wearing of protective helmets, hard hats, and to ensure that these are adhered to by all workers and visitors, when appropriate. Such managers, or their representatives, may also be involved in discussions with unions on terms and conditions for workers.

The standard working week varies between countries but is usually between 37 and 40 hours. The actual hours worked, however, may be a regular and may include evenings and weekends. Since travel and mobility are important, a company car may be provided and an allowance for working away from home.

The place of work is an on-site office, which may not be as comfortable as a usual office. Construction managers need to be out in all Weathers and sometimes wear safety helmets and boots. Physical fitness is important since climbing ladders or scaffolding may sometimes be necessary. Those suffering with asthma or bronchial conditions may not find site conditions a suitable environment.

Training involved:

After a degree or diploma, training is on the job. Additional study for professional qualifications is necessary. This may take three years and is completed by assessment at a professional interview. It's possible for technicians to qualify by part-time study for professional examinations and practical experience.

Salary Expectations:

The base salary range of a Construction Manager is from $73,752 to $135,081 annually, while the median salary for most Construction Managers is $103,000 annually. (US Base Pay)

Future prospects:

Entrance usually starts as a planner, buyer, estimator, or assistance to a construction manager, usually on more straightforward building contracts. With experience, it is possible to move on to larger and more complex projects. Further promotion could lead into contracts management, with responsibility for several projects. Some construction managers work in teaching or research. Employment is with national and international building contractors, which are usually medium-sized or large companies. Opportunities exist with local and central government, utilities, and major retailers. There are opportunities for working abroad and for self employment. Mobility is necessary to take advantage of the opportunities that are available.

How to Use Tire Treadwear Ratings for Buying New Tires

How to Use Tire Treadwear Ratings for Buying New Tires

January 8, 2021

Learn how to find car and truck tires with the longest tread wear life. Tires with a longer tread life can save a good amount of money in the long run.

Not all tires are created equal. When buying a new set of rubber of a given size, one brand may have better traction than another. Other brands may have a more comprehensive warranty. For a long-lasting tire, the most important attribute is determining which brand has the best treadwear. This article looks at how the automotive consumer can determine which brand of tire has the longest lasting treadwear.

Look for the Best Value When Buying Tires

Look for the Best Value When Buying Tires

When buying new tires, it’s always best to look at different brands to determine which brand has the longest tread life for a better value. The life of the tire should be compared to the price. As an example if one brand has a 20% better treadwear rating, yet cost 40% more, it wouldn’t make much sense to buy the brand that cost more.

There are also other factors that may add more value. The types and length (mileage and/or time) of the warranty could be an important factor when it comes to value. Most manufacturers will have different warranties with different tire brands. Goodyear, for example, has a different warranty on the Eagle GT brand than their Assurance Fuel Max brand. Some of the different types of warranties may include

  • manufacturing defects
  • treadwear
  • road hazards
  • customer satisfaction guarantee

Using DOT Quality Code for Treadwear

Using DOT Quality Code for Treadwear

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) uses a rating system to help consumers choose the best quality tires. The manufacturers rate their tires using DOT guidelines in a controlled environment. The three quality codes used are:

  • treadwear
  • traction
  • temperature

The treadwear quality code is used specifically for consumers to compare brands for the useful life of the tire. The treadwear codes are based on a rating of 100 to 800, with 100 being the lowest rating and 800 the highest. As an example, if a tire has a rating of 300 and another brand has a rating of 600, the tire with a 600 rating should have a treadwear life that’s double that of the brand with 300.

The treadwear rating, along with the two other DOT quality codes, is usually imprinted on the tire sidewall. Quality codes are also listed on the new tire sticker label. When shopping for new rubber, always ask for prices on a variety of brands and ask the salesperson to provide the treadwear rating for each brand. Another alternative is to research various brands on the tire manufacturer's website.

Once a purchase is made, it’s important to perform periodic tire maintenance procedures. Maintaining the correct tire pressure is also important to ensure even tire treadwear. Filling tires with nitrogen can also help to maintain pressure.

The Structure of Online Courses

The Structure of Online Courses

January 7, 2021

To provide prospective online students with insight about how online courses are structured in terms of attending sessions and the length of the course.

The Structure of Online Courses

The Structure of Online Courses

Before you enroll in online courses, make sure that your time or schedule makes a smooth connection with the college or university that you plan to be a student of. Doing so, will allow you to plan your studies, family and work schedules accordingly, without time deprived conflicts occurring. One major observation is that it is imperative that you are aware of the attendance (roster-check in) requirements. For example, online courses are usually structured in two types of classifications: 1. Asynchronous and 2. Synchronous. The following depicts the structuring of asynchronous and synchronous courses:


· The week structure is usually from Monday-Sunday (7 days)

· Allows students to attend online courses without a structured time

· Students under this classification usually are required to check into class once a week

· Weekly assignments are usually due by Sunday (before midnight) unless otherwise stated

· Students may have more flexibility in their personal lives and are able to manage studies well

· There is usually less cramming for completing assignments under this type of classification

· Students who fail to check in at least once a week, will find themselves dropped from their course if they miss 2 or 3 check ins (depending on the university or college)


· The week structure is usually from Monday-Friday (5 days)

· Students are required to attend online courses within a structured time (for example: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6pm-8pm or Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm-10pm)

· Students under this classification are required to check here into class during the designated days and times of the week

· Weekly assignments are due on any day, in which the course is scheduled to meet

· Students may have less flexibility in their personal lives, due to the set course days and may not be able to manage their studies well

· There may be more cramming for completing assignments; being that the week structure as well as the time per session are shorter

· Students who fail to make 4 or 5 check ins, may find themselves being dropped from their course (depending on the university or college)

Another major observation of the structure of online courses that is essential is to understand the semester or quarter length of the course. Again, proper understanding of your online school’s structure of quarters or semesters; is keen for balancing work, family and school. Online courses typically stay within the traditional quarter or semester when offering courses. The following entails what is to be expected when your courses fall within a quarter or semester slot:


· Typically lasts for 8 weeks (2 months)

· Is usually fast paced learning

· Offers the student the ability to graduate usually within 2 years or less (if seeking an undergraduate degree)


· Typically lasts for 16 weeks (4 months)

· Is usually a moderate paced type of learning

· Offers the student the ability to graduate usually within 2-4 years (if seeking an undergraduate degree) So now that you have an understanding of how online courses are structured, be sure to choose the right classification (asynchronous or synchronous) or the right course length (quarter or semester) that best suits your needs. Before you register for those courses that you are so eager to take, be certain that you read the course schedules, so that you are in the right structure that meets your needs.

Masters Golf Live Stream

Watch Masters Golf Live Stream from Canada

January 3, 2021

The Masters Golf tournament is held in the USA but also anticipated in Canada. Because golf is a popular game in Canada and most importantly, few Canadian golfers also participate in this prestigious tournament.

So if you're residing in Canada, you don't want to miss the event. The Masters Golf Live Stream can be watched through multiple networks in Canada. Some of them are a pretty good deal, while some are not.

Masters Golf Live Stream in Canada

Masters Golf Live Stream in Canada

The Masters Golf Tournament starts 5th of April this year with main rounds starting on the 8th of April. You can enjoy the whole event in Canada.

Bell Media has the right to broadcast this event in Canada. And they distributed the coverage rights to CTV and TSN. All the details about these two channels are covered below.

●    CTV Golf

CTV Golf is widely available and popular in Canada. If you don't want to watch The Masters on a cable tv network, this is the best option for you. All the rounds of the upcoming Masters Golf will be covered in CTV.

It has several subscription packages. You can select any of them. And you will also have access to their free trial. So, you can check before purchase, and if you like it you can make your decision to use their services. After purchasing if your mind changes, you will get a refund.

So, I don't see any reason not to watch The Masters Golf on CTV.

●    TSN Golf

Another great option for watching this exciting tournament in Canada is TSN Golf. TSN is available via cable networks and satellite. So if you have a cable connection in your home, you already should have access to this channel. If not, then please contact your operator.

TSN will cover all the rounds in the tournament and also the prize-giving ceremony on Sunday evening. However, there are also some bonus clips of the masters that are not broadcasted on every channel.

If you want to see these extra clips, then you will have to subscribe to TSN Go. This service doesn't cost much. And if you are a hardcore golf fan, then you must purchase this unless you want to miss some thrilling moments.

You can choose any of these two services to watch Masters Golf Live Stream from Canada. Both are worth your money, and we have discussed all the details for your convenience.

French Language Coverage in Canada

There is another option in Canada to watch The Masters Golf Tournament. Its RDS, a sports-oriented channel. We haven't covered this in the main section because it will cover the game in french language.

So, if you're not french, you won't watch the game on this channel. However, if you want to enjoy it in the french language, then subscribe to RDS.

Final Words

The Masters provides an amazing experience of golf. And it wouldn't be wise for Canadian golf fans to miss this event. TSN & CTV are official broadcasters of this event, and RDS also holds the right to stream in the French language. So, you can choose any of these three and experience the thrill of golf.