How to Fix a Hardwood Floorboard That’s Buckled?

How to Fix a Hardwood Floorboard That’s Buckled?

There are a lot of hardwoods flooring Houston accidents that can happen to your hardwood floors. One of the more common hardwood flooring accidents that come across is hardwood boards that are buckled. The reasons for hardwood board buckling can be varied, but the main reason is when they’re nailed in place at different heights. One way to fix hardwoods boards when they’re not nailed at different heights are to pry them all back into position and nail them down again. However, if you think that your hardwoods are bowed due to lack of moisture then they will probably need some TLC more than just nails and hammering.

Why do Hardwood Floors Buckle?

A hardwood floor in Houston may buckle because of dampness or dryness, but hardwood floors are not permanent. You can fix hardwood floors by adjusting them with a hardwood flooring hammer. Once your hardwood floorboards buckle, you will need to use these hardwood floor leveling techniques if you want them to look professional and straight again.

How to Fix Hardwoods that are Buckled?

If hardwood boards were too dry, then they will most likely have buckled. This is very hard to repair properly and recommended you call in an expert if this is the case as it may be easier and cheaper for them to replace hardwood floorboards than to try fixing the problem, browse around this site.

How to Fix Hardwoods That are Not Nailed at Different Heights?

The most common culprit for hardwood floors not being nailed at the same level is that the floor was too dry. To fix this, first make sure they nailed all hardwood boards down to the same level. After you have fixed this problem, be sure to let the hardwood boards soak up some water and humidity before you walk on them again. If the hardwood boards do not remain at the same level as you walk on them, continue to hammer hardwood floorboard back down until they all remain the same height.

When Hardwoods Have Bowed, How Can You Fix Them?

If the hardwood flooring Houston has been bowing from lack of moisture, it can be fixed by hammering them back down into their position and re nailing them. It could also be that the floor boards were not nailed at the correct height in the first place. The hardwood floor will need to be slightly moistened before re nailing. You can either use a hardwood flooring moisture spray or you can wet them with a hard brush and then dry again with another hard brush.


Hardwood floors do not have to be permanent and they are actually very easy to fix. It is important that you use hardwood floor leveling techniques in order to get your hardwood floor boards back into shape. Repairing hardwood floors is a lot easier than you might think and very useful to keep hard wood flooring looking like new. If you are in need of hardwood floor repair or hardwood floor installation, we have skilled hardwood craftsmen that can help with any job, big or small.

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