How To Install A Trolling Motor?

How To Install A Trolling Motor?

Using trolling motors on the boat have become quite common as it provides much more efficient results for almost everyone. You can use the help of trolling motors to increase the speed of your boat and go to various locations for fishing. It has also become quite popular business to rent the boats with trolling motors during the summers. If you also bought a new boat then you might want to install a trolling motor on it. For the proper installation guide of a trolling motor, you may visit website. You can find a proper guide for the installation of trolling motors in the following paragraphs.

What Type of Trolling Motor You Should Buy?

What Type of Trolling Motor You Should Buy

If you want to learn about various types of trolling motors then you should browse online. Well, there are trolling motors which are based on different types of charging batteries. You can use solar panels to charge these batteries which are quite efficient. You can also find the ones which need to be charged using a portable charger. The propellors of the trolling motors are also important. So all such things need to be considered in order to get the best quality of the installation.

Steps for Installation of a Trolling Motor

There are various steps which you need to follow in order to get the best quality of installation for trolling motors. You need to make sure that you complete all the steps properly to avoid any major issues.

  1. Select the side – The first thing which you need to decide for the installation is to consider which side of the boat you want to get trolling motor installed at. If you are using your boat for fishing then it is very important so that it does not affect your experience. So mounting is not just installing the trolling motors anywhere you want.
  2. Remove plate panels – To start the installation process you need to remove the platter panel. You need to first remove the screws using the proper tools, now you can see the mounting holes for the motors.
  3. Assemble the motor – Now you need to take care of the assembling of the motor. You need to attach the motor shaft and head assembly of the motor to the mount. After the assembling of the trolling motor is complete you need to lay is in a stowed position which needs to be parallel to the side where you install it. Make sure to handle it firmly to avoid any issues with the installation.
  4. Position shaft in the center – One of the most important things for you to consider during the installation of trolling motor is to align the propellor and shaft in the center. If it’s not in the center then you will not get efficiency in the result. You will also face issues in handling the boat if it’s not aligned properly.
  5. Check the front of mount – You need to adjust the position of the mount in order to provide support for the motor. This will help you to use the motor on the water properly.
  6. Position the mount – Check if the motor is at the correct position or not. You need to use a straight edge position for the mount in order to ensure that everything is perfect.
  7. Drill the holes – Now you need to drill the holes in the bow for the installation. You can take the help of a friend for the drilling so that there are no issues.
  8. Tighten the nuts from the underside – Now you need to attach the motor and insert the screws. In order to tighten the screws, you might have to go underside platform.
  9. Attach side plates – After completing all the steps you need to attach the side plates with the motor. Now you are ready to use the trolling motors and enjoy boating.
perfect installation for trolling motors

By following all these above steps you can get a perfect installation for trolling motors. You might not know this but the assembling of various types of trolling motors is different. If you face any troubles with it then you can follow the guide provided by the company. Each brand has a unique way of assembling their trolling motors and make sure to do it properly. You need to use proper tools for every work and make sure to consider your safety at all times.

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