How to Make My PC as a Web Hosting Server

How to Make My PC as a Web Hosting Server

Web hosting is a service that helps you to post the ideas or any information or blogs on a website onto the Internet, which is available to the World Wide Web. A web host is a company that provides Internet space and connectivity to deliver the info with the best bandwidth. It allows you to remotely lease or purchase web servers to use for your website. It acts as a liaison between the site and the web. A web server is a computer that uses HTTP known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol to deliver web pages to users. For someone to view your site all they have to do is type in your domain website address into their browser. This sends the info to the server that they are connecting to your website, and it will then display your web pages on their browsers. There are many different types of web hosting such as cheap, easy to use, maintenance provided by hosting service, fewer options, and flexibility, the connection can be slow due to amount of sites on the hosting service.

PC as a Web Hosting Server

You can use your web hosting server as your personal computer. You can host your website with your personal computer. But before you enter into the web hosting with your personal computer, you should know some things. There are some limitation will be made in this option you should take into your consideration. Already we have seen we should have HTTP to host the website, so you should know how to install or set up a WWW server software and HTTP software on your pc. If your internet service providers permit to run websites on your personal computer, you can make this work a very excellent manner. For this web hosting you should also set up the operating system, and you should test the configuration of the operating system and your personal computer for web hosting. After that you want to set up the self-hosted domain, or if you do not need just ignored it. After that, if you want any monitoring tool you can install, if it is not necessary to avoid it, so that you don’t want to pay or purchase anything for web hosting. You just need some installation process and set up a process to get your web hosting in your pc.

good enough internet connection

If you have a good enough internet connection with the best bandwidth, hardware, and software it will become closer to do this web hosting. When you are decided to do your web hosting with your pc server, it will help you to save money on web hosting costs, but it can give you more experience from the web hosting. You may know more and more about web hosting from this web hosting server. It can also give you far to decide on the software and server you can run. If you are planning on hosting a website as your own, first you want to know about a website server, hardware, and software capable of hosting it.

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