How to Fix a Jammed Car Door Lock?

How to Fix a Jammed Car Door Lock?

Accidentally locking your keys inside of your car can be a stressful experience it will make a bad impact on you. But here is a good and simple tip for you to fix a jammed car door lock. Luckily you can have a variety of different ways that you can fix a jammed car door lock if you have a pull-up lock. Just search locksmith Orlando Florida if any easy way to access your car, like a spare key or an open door. If you have checked all of your doors after making sure and you still cannot get into your car, you can get anyone help who is applicable for you. Otherwise use a tool to pick your lock on your door. Take any long piece of string that is at least four feet long. You can use yarn or a thin rope to release a locked door. If you do not access to any of these materials you can even use your shoelaces, or tare a cloth and make a sting. Then make a knot by using the string in the center.

To create a simple knot with sting, make a loop and feed one end of the string through the loop. Make another loop of five inches away from the first loop using the same method. Then insert the second loop you created through the first loop and pull the loose end of the string to tighten the knot. Then slide the string into the corner of the door gape. Place the string in the top left of the door and wiggle it front and back by holding both the end of the string. Position the loop around the lock and tighten the knot by pulling the string. The loop will catch the lock and pull up, so that get the lock will open. You should now be able to open the door and retrieve the keys. This will be a simple and easy method to open the jammed car door lock.

How to open the jammed car door lock using the coat hanger?

How to open the jammed car door lock using the coat hanger

The coat hanger is the best lock reliever while your car door lock is jammed. To straighten your coat hanger, and get a coat hanger and bend it so that it becomes straight as possible. The longer the coat hanger is the easier it will be to help you to open your door lock. Bend the hanger this will go into your car and wrap around your lock. Make sure the bend side of the hanger large enough to wrap around your lock. You may have to work the coat hanger front and back to slide it into your car. Continue to do this until the coat hanger slides are open your window lock. Just pull up your hanger. Now the door lock will open. This will be an easy step to open the door lock without damaging any part of the car. Otherwise, if you had a mobile you can call any experts to open your jammed car door lock.

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