Watch Stanley Cup Finals 2021 Live Stream on TV in the USA

Watch Stanley Cup Finals 2021 Live Stream on TV in the USA

The NHL is one of the four major American sports events. If you’re a fan of ice hockey, then you must be looking for a way to watch the Stanley Cup Finals 2021 live stream on TV. This article is perfect for finding that way.

The finals of the game will be aired on television this July. You can watch the entire finals from your home anywhere in the USA. In this article, we will provide all the information regarding watching the final matches on TV.

Stream Stanley Cup Finals on TV in the USA

Stream Stanley Cup Finals on TV in the USA

The live coverage of the Stanley Cup play-off and finals is available all around the USA. If you have a good antenna or cable network connection, you can easily watch the event from your home.

Currently, NBC Sports holds the right to broadcast all the games of the NHL. It includes the rights for regular-season games, the play-off, and the finals. NBC divided the game schedule on its different networks.


NBCUniversal exclusively telecasts the Wednesday night NHL games. Besides, they also cover the play-off from the second round. Usually, NBCUniversal doesn’t telecast the first round of play-offs.

The most important news is NBCUniversal also has rights to Stanley Cup Finals 2021 live stream. So, if you have access to this channel, you don’t need to look anywhere else.

NBC Network

NBC Network will also cover the final games of the Stanley Cup 2021. Besides that, it won’t telecast much of the games of the league. However, during the regular season, it covers selected weekend games. So, for watching the finals, it’s best to tune into NBCUniversal.


NBCSN usually covers the regular season games. The 2020-22 regular-season games have already been over a long time ago. But to watch the upcoming season games, you can subscribe to NBCSN.

USA Network

USA Network also holds the right to telecast some of the matches of the NHL Play-off. If you can’t find any games on the above networks, that’s probably because the USA network is televising it. So, you also can subscribe to the USA Network if you don’t want to miss any of the games.

What About Watching the 2021-22 Season?

If you’re planning to subscribe to NBC Sports for one year or above only for watching NFL, then stop there. That’s because NBC had signed a 10 year deal with the NHL, which ends this season. The broadcasting deal was for season 2011-12 to 2020-21. So, who will broadcast the NHL from next season?

ESPN/ABC and TNT will take over the broadcasting rights for 2021-22 NHL. However, as of now, TNT holds the right for only one year. Further seasons will continue to be streamed on ESPN/ABC.

How to Get Access to NBC Sports Network?

How to Get Access to NBC Sports Network

NBC is one of the leading groups of TV channels in America. It’s available to watch in almost every state of the USA. Besides, most of the cable TV providers also offer all the channels of NBC. So, you can use any local antenna to watch the channels of NBC Sports Network.

However, we’ve already informed you that different play-off games will be streaming on different channels. So, if you wish to watch the play-off rounds before the final, check the schedule on NBC’s website. The schedule is also available on the NHL’s official site with a lot more information.

Final Words

July is going to be the most exciting month for us, the ice hockey fans. Thanks to NBC Sports for telecasting this wonderful league on TV. You can watch the finals from anywhere you want. So get ready to cheer for your favorite team in the upcoming Stanley Cup Finals.

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