What Is NooLVL and What Does It Do?

What Is NooLVL and What Does It Do?

A non-stimulant, cognitive boosting ingredient. NooLVL is a patented complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate with an optimised dose of inositol. This ingredient is clinically studied in a population of gamers and was shown to improve trail making test A and B, Stroop test, and POMS self-reported energy levels1.

This ingredient works fast and helps boost your gaming performance without negatively impacting heart rate or blood pressure like hardcore stimulants. It is the key ingredient in our new product Player1.

Improved Reaction Time

Gaming requires gamers to make a myriad of decisions at the spur of the moment. This requires the gamer to have excellent short-term memory and high reaction time. However, after prolonged gaming sessions, this reaction time can dwindle, leading to gamers making mistakes that can result in them getting into a state of anxiety and stress. Luckily, nooLVL has been shown to improve reaction time by as much as 66%.

This patented ingredient from Nutrition 21 takes arginine and bonds it with silica and inositol. This helps to prevent the breakdown of arginine and makes it more bioavailable so that it can provide cognitive benefits.

In a recent clinical trial, it was found that the ingredient improved accuracy and decision-making in eSport gamers as well as decreased anger. It also increased perceived energy levels and cognitive flexibility. In addition, it enhanced the ability to process information and reduced errors caused by fatigue. It also helped to improve visual representation and forethought/sequencing.

Improved Focus

Gaming requires quick decisions and a lot of mental stamina. Gamers are prone to making errors when they become fatigued, which can lead to serious consequences in the game. NooLVL reduces fatigue by enhancing gamers’ short-term memory and improving their ability to think quickly.

Developed by the company behind Nitrosigine, nooLVL is a patented complex that contains bonded arginine silicate with an optimized dose of inositol. In a clinical study, it was shown to improve cognitive performance in esports gamers in as little as 15 minutes and safely increase perceived energy, focus+ and accuracy without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.

Originally formulated to support esports gamers, nooLVL can be used by anyone who needs enhanced cognitive function and faster reaction time. It works by increasing brain nitric oxide production, which enhances cognition, increases energy and promotes better focus. This ingredient also helps to decrease anxiety and stress, which can often accompany long gaming sessions.

Increased Energy

The bonded arginine silicate in nooLVL acts as a non-stimulant nootropic to boost energy and focus. It does so without negatively impacting heart rate or blood pressure unlike more hardcore stimulant ingredients found in most other supplements. This allows gamers to level up their game while protecting their physical health.

This ingredient has been backed up by a human clinical trial conducted specifically in esports gamers and published in Nutrients. The study found that the product studied significantly improved executive functioning, processing speed, task switching, selective attention, perceived vigor and reduced anger in gamers after a single dose.

In the gaming world this means improved reaction times and accuracy – both critical to the success of gamers. It also enhances working memory which is important for making quick decisions reflexively. It also helps reduce fatigue which is a major issue for esports gamers. This is a very important benefit because fatigue leads to errors. The ingredient has also been shown to decrease error rates in gamers by 66%.

Reduced Errors

Gaming requires players to make a myriad of decisions reflexively. This is especially important during intense game play, as fatigue can result in mistakes. The nootropic effects of nooLVL help gamers maintain a level of cognitive awareness to prevent fatigue-induced errors.

In a clinical study designed specifically for esports gamers, the nootropic ingredient nooLVL (which includes 1500mg of stabilized arginine silicate and 100mg of inositol) was found to improve cognition and focus before and after video game playing. In particular, the ingredient increased attention and speed of decision making and reduced errors in a Trail Making Test, Stroop Test, and Profile of Mood States tests compared to placebo.


Developed by Nutrition21, the same company behind the highly successful NO booster Nitrosigine, nooLVL is now a favorite among gamers and is included in popular pre-workouts such as Force Element’s Flight Through. It has also won a NutraIngredients-USA Ingredient of the Year award. The nootropic ingredient is also being used in supplements for weightlifters, athletes, and other consumers to increase energy, concentration, and mental clarity.

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