Teak Furniture: The Mark of a New Tradition

Teak Furniture: The Mark of a New Tradition

Why is Teak the most sought after hardwood all over the world? The reason is pretty simple. The Teak is the most sought after hardwood all over the world because it has long durability and low maintenance. The long durability and low maintenance costs make Teak the most demanded piece of wood over all the other types of hard wood, find more about this.

Teak is a tropical wood which is known for its great strength which is much more than most of the other hardwoods. Furniture’s made out of Teak last generation after generation. Most harvest wood shows the sign of aging with time. The most common signs like cracks appearing on the surface of the wood, splitting of wood due to extreme weather conditions, etc. appear on these types of hardwoods. Teak wood can stand the test of time. Its natural oil content prevents it from being damaged. The oil also helps to keep the surface of the furniture look like new with a sparkling shining on the surface.

The Mark of a New Tradition

Another important thing about Teak is that it is a very environment friendly wood. It helps in averting deforestation. Due to its fast growth, it is not harvested in the forest anymore. But, it is farmed in sustainable manner in order to meet the demand in the market. This is the main reason why the threat to deforestation is averted. The farmed wood is as strong as old wood from the forest in its strength.

Teak is also the most sought after hard wood because of its low maintenance. Unlike any other hardwood that needs proper treatment and sealant to survive the weather throughout the year, teak only needs an annual care and protection against extreme weather conditions like snowfall or excessive rainfall? If proper care of the Teak furniture’s is not taken during these extreme times, there might be slight fading of color on its surface. The good thing about Teak is that though the color might fade, the durability and strength of the furniture will still be intact.


This process of fading of color can be averted by applying any brand of wood protector. Wood Protectors are easily available in the market in the stores where teak wood is sold. If the surface color has already faded then it can be restored by using restoring materials meant for use on teak wood furniture only. The natural oils present in the Teak wood do not allow any paint or stains to stick on its surface. Stains would otherwise stick on any other type of hardwood.

The qualities of teak wood make it one of the most sought after wood for making wooden furniture that need to be kept outdoors. Its durability, strength and ecological benefits outclass all the other brands of hardwood. And its beauty lasts forever. The Teak keeps its beauty from generation to generation.

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