Watch Masters Golf Live Stream from Canada

Watch Masters Golf Live Stream from Canada

The Masters Golf tournament is held in the USA but also anticipated in Canada. Because golf is a popular game in Canada and most importantly, few Canadian golfers also participate in this prestigious tournament.

So if you’re residing in Canada, you don’t want to miss the event. The Masters Golf Live Stream can be watched through multiple networks in Canada. Some of them are a pretty good deal, while some are not.

Masters Golf Live Stream in Canada

Masters Golf Live Stream in Canada

The Masters Golf Tournament starts 5th of April this year with main rounds starting on the 8th of April. You can enjoy the whole event in Canada.

Bell Media has the right to broadcast this event in Canada. And they distributed the coverage rights to CTV and TSN. All the details about these two channels are covered below.

●    CTV Golf

CTV Golf is widely available and popular in Canada. If you don’t want to watch The Masters on a cable tv network, this is the best option for you. All the rounds of the upcoming Masters Golf will be covered in CTV.

It has several subscription packages. You can select any of them. And you will also have access to their free trial. So, you can check before purchase, and if you like it you can make your decision to use their services. After purchasing if your mind changes, you will get a refund.

So, I don’t see any reason not to watch The Masters Golf on CTV.

●    TSN Golf

Another great option for watching this exciting tournament in Canada is TSN Golf. TSN is available via cable networks and satellite. So if you have a cable connection in your home, you already should have access to this channel. If not, then please contact your operator.

TSN will cover all the rounds in the tournament and also the prize-giving ceremony on Sunday evening. However, there are also some bonus clips of the masters that are not broadcasted on every channel.

If you want to see these extra clips, then you will have to subscribe to TSN Go. This service doesn’t cost much. And if you are a hardcore golf fan, then you must purchase this unless you want to miss some thrilling moments.

You can choose any of these two services to watch Masters Golf Live Stream from Canada. Both are worth your money, and we have discussed all the details for your convenience.

French Language Coverage in Canada

There is another option in Canada to watch The Masters Golf Tournament. Its RDS, a sports-oriented channel. We haven’t covered this in the main section because it will cover the game in french language.

So, if you’re not french, you won’t watch the game on this channel. However, if you want to enjoy it in the french language, then subscribe to RDS.

Final Words

The Masters provides an amazing experience of golf. And it wouldn’t be wise for Canadian golf fans to miss this event. TSN & CTV are official broadcasters of this event, and RDS also holds the right to stream in the French language. So, you can choose any of these three and experience the thrill of golf.

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